San Marcos NIMBYs still tryna stop Cape’s Camp as if they didn’t completely squander their one electoral attempt

There’s a new bar in San Marcos called “Stonewall Warehouse”

I’ll take “Inappropriate Names for Otherwise Great Ideas”, Alex.

all those anti-development yokels in San Marcos and my favorite restaurant closes

boy do I not regret leaving

Los Vega mornings are good mornings

“Hate crime” shocks apartment residents

today in “I could be surprised but I”m not”

it’s always hilarious how townies are so eager to celebrate San Marcos’s growth but unwilling to acknowledge this is almosy entirely due to Texas State’s growth

Square fights are the reason I can go without HBO right now

Starplex, how are you gonna show God’s Not Dead while overlooking Grand Budapest Hotel? What amateur is ordering your films?

legit though, fuck Asian Garden and their racist prick owners. I hope that place gets shut down so Cedar’s can take its place. I’m never ordering from that place again.

San Marcos is the deadest fucking town during the winter

7 more months in this shitstain