Square fights are the reason I can go without HBO right now

Starplex, how are you gonna show God’s Not Dead while overlooking Grand Budapest Hotel? What amateur is ordering your films?

legit though, fuck Asian Garden and their racist prick owners. I hope that place gets shut down so Cedar’s can take its place. I’m never ordering from that place again.

San Marcos is the deadest fucking town during the winter

7 more months in this shitstain

I just saw a girl taking a piss on my balcony

no seriously

in below-freezing weather

I saw her come out and bend down and I was like is that an ass? can’t be an ass. Why would a girl have her naked ass out in this w and that’s when I heard her piss hitting the metal of our shared balcony

it’s the door closest to the stairs too so now there’s going to be a frozen puddle of piss on the floor


Springtown Mall is so depressing

How could this city let that place go to waste

Sympathies to anyone in retail right now

Especially at the Outlets

This time of year is stupid

Capitalism y’all

Because fuck your families

there are no Indian restaurants in proximity to San Marcos and that bums me out so much

how I view the residents of San Marcos every time a bar is planned


yo fucking bikers

if you want bike lanes to be safe that’s cool but don’t act like you’ve been following the rules of the road anyway because if I had a dollar for anytime I nearly hit one of your motherfuckers